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List of Coordinator by Majoring
Information Systems
Dr. Azah Anir Norman
Software Engineering
Dr. Mohd Hairul Nizam Md Nasir
Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Erma Rahayu Mohd Faizal Abdullah
Computer System and Technology
Dr. Tey Kok Soon
Dr. Azah Anir Norman
Dr. Nurul Fazmidar Mohd Noor
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Pro Forma: Software Engineering

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Contents of this Pro Forma should not be changed without the Senate’s approval. Amendments involving not more than 30% of the course content can be approved at the Academy/Faculty/Centre level.



Faculty Science Computer and Information Technology

Software Engineering


Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering)

Course Code

Course Title


Software Engineering Academic Project II

Course Pre-requisite(s)/ Minimum Requirement(s)

Pass all Faculty and Programme Core courses except for Industrial Training.

Student Learning Time (SLT)




Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students are able to:

  1. Produce a detail design for the proposed system using the appropriate tools.
  2. Produce the implementation, testing and evaluation for the proposed system.
  3. Produce report for the proposed system development.
  4. Demonstrate the developed system.

Transferable Skills

Communication and presentation skills.

Analysis, design and system development skills.

Synopsis of Course Contents

This course covers system analysis and design, system development and testing, system evaluation, system presentation and demonstration, and report writing.

Method of Delivery (lecture, tutorial, workshop, etc)

Discussion with supervisor

Assessment Methods


Methodologies for Feedback on Performance


Criteria in Summative Assessment

System and design analysis : 20%
Report and project : 20%
System evaluation & Viva : 60%

Grade for continuous assessment will be put up on the notice board at the lecturer’s room door or through e-learning from time to time before final grades are issued

Refer to Buku  Kaedah dan Peraturan Universiti Malaya (Pengajian Ijazah Pertama) Tahun 2006.