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List of Coordinator by Majoring
Information Systems
Dr. Azah Anir Norman
Software Engineering
Dr. Mohd Hairul Nizam Md Nasir
Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Erma Rahayu Mohd Faizal Abdullah
Computer System and Technology
Dr. Tey Kok Soon
Dr. Azah Anir Norman
Dr. Nurul Fazmidar Mohd Noor
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To produce quality graduates who are excellent and academically competent in the field
of computer science, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT)
offers Academic Project I and II to final year students. The aim of the faculty to offer this
course is to leverage students’ technical and soft skills. Through this course, students
should be able to demonstrate their technical knowledge, problem-solving, critical thinking,
and good decision-making.